Team SNAFU - L'origen del nostre nom

Prenem el nom d'una unitat ad-hoc formada per restes d'unitats americanes que van quedar aïllades durant la ofensiva inicial alemanya a la Batalla de les Ardenes. Com a curiositat, SNAFU llegit al revés és UFANS, però és una casualitat i no hi ha cap segona intenció en el nom.

Els elements del Team SNAFU van ser absorvits pel Team Brown, com s'explica en el capítol XIX del llibre THE ARDENNES:BATTLE OF THE BULGE de Hugh M. Cole.

SNAFU és l'acrònim de Situation Normal All Fucked Up, algo així com Situació Normal, tot Fumut.

The Battle of Bastogne

The highway nodal position which made Bastogne so necessary to the Germans also set up a magnetic field for the heterogeneous stragglers, broken infantry, and dismounted tankers heading west. Realizing this fact, Colonel Robert's got permission to gather all stragglers into his command. Roberts' force came to be known as Team SNAFU and served mainly as a reservoir from which regular units drew replacements or from which commanders organized task forces for special assignments.

It is impossible to reckon accurately the number and the fighting worth of those stragglers who reached Bastogne and stayed there. CCR contributed about two hundred riflemen; CCB may have had an equal number; General Cota culled two or three hundred men from Team SNAFU to return to his 28th Division; and one may guess there were another two or three hundred stragglers whose identity has been lost. Many of these men, given a hot meal and forty-eight hours' rest, could be used and were used, but they appear as anonymous figures in the combat record (thus: "100 infantry left for Team Browne").

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