Portada del Molt Soroll per un Rei

~~ Technical Data ~~

playing time

Playing time: 30 minutes

Number of players

Number of Players:1


Complexity: Low

~~ Credits ~~

Designer: Marc Figueras, Marià Pitarque

Developer: Oscar Oliver

Graphical Design: Mireia Girbau, Jordi Roca


Molt soroll per un rei

SNAFU Hors-Série #2

Your father, James I the Conqueror is dead, and you are the heir to the Crown. Your reign is destined to be short but intense... can you earn the name of Peter the Great?

Molt soroll per un rei is a solitaire game where you take the role of King Pere II the Great. You will have to face Andalusian revolts, the power of the Aragonese and Catalan nobles, the ambition of the Anjou over Sicily, the power of the Pope and the French crusade of the Capets ... all to try to leave the kingdom to the Infant Alfons in the best possible condition!

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