Portada del Nothing Left

~~ Technical Data ~~

playing time

Playing time: 1-2 hours

Number of players

Number of Players:2


Complexity: Low

Unit Size

Unit Size: 4 to 12 planes.

Map Scale

Map Scale:Malta Island.

Turn Time

Turn Time: A Month

~~ Credits ~~

Designer: Nicola Saggini

Art&Developer: Marc Figueras, Oscar Oliver

Graphical Design: David Prieto


Nothing Left to Bomb

SNAFU Small Battles #5

"I have never been to a place before or since that had such a visible atmosphere of doom, violence, and toughness about it."

American RAF pilot Leo Nomis.

Nothing Left to Bomb is a two-player game set in WWII and that recreates the Axis efforts to gain air superiority or even air supremacy in the skies above the pivotal island of Malta, and the British struggle to prevent it.
The game uses a modified system initially devised by Yasushi Nakaguro in his “Operation Pointblank” game (Bonsai Games). Each turn players commit their forces to the different map sectors secretly and then air battles are fought and antiaircraft fire is resolved. The aim of the Axis Player is that of achieving air superiority over Malta. Failing this by the last turn of the Scenario, the British Player wins.
The game has three different and separate scenarios to cover the three main aerial offensives against the Island:

  • Scenario 1: The Italians at It Alone. (June 40 - December 40)
  • Scenario 2: From Norway to Sicily. (January 41 - May 41)
  • Scenario 3: Nothing Left to Bomb. (December 41 - April 42)

We strongly advise to learn playing with Scenario 2, and to crack Scenario 1 when you are already familiar with the rules, tactics and strategies.

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Available at SnafuStore

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