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Portada del Bollebank

~~ Technical Data ~~

playing time

Playing time: 40-50 minutes

Number of players

Number of Players:1


Complexity: Medium

Unit Size

Unit Size: Individual Vehicle.

Map Scale

Map Scale:1:25.000

~~ Credits ~~

Designer: Nicola Saggini

Developer: Marc Figueras, Oscar Oliver

Graphical Design: Nils Johansson


Operation Bøllebank

SNAFU Small Battles #6

«We are being fired at…» I cannot understand who is reporting, but from the voice it seems AQ.
«They are shooting at us – we have to fall back.»
«EA/FA – this is AQ – move backwards now!»
I turn my head and see QL1 and VL2 behind me: we can’t move back any further!

«Hell! They are shooting at us, we have to get out of here»
«They are shooting at us, this is not a drill»

Excerpts from the After-Action Report of Klaus J Andresen (“Little Andres”), commander of the 1st Tank in 1st Platoon (EA).

Operation Bøllebank is a solitaire game that depicts the events of the night between 29th and 30th April 1994, when a UN armored task force of tanks and APC’s from DANSQN2 engaged Bosnian-Serb forces around the town of Kalesija, near the border between Bosnia and Serbia. The Player will control the UN forces, while the game system drives the opposition.

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Not yet available!

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Vassal Module not yet available.