Portada del Mackinac

~~ Technical Data ~~

playing time

Playing time: 15-30 minutes

Number of players

Number of Players:1 or 2


Complexity: Low

Unit Size

Unit Size: Platoons and warbands.

Map Scale

Map Scale:The board is an abstract representation of the battlefield.

~~ Credits ~~

Designer: Matt Kelly

Developer: Marc Figueras, Oscar Oliver

Graphical Design: Matt Kelly


The Battle of Mackinac Island

SNAFU Pocket Battles #1

"This is ideal Indian country. A labyrinth of trees and tangled undergrowth extends almost to the water's edge, cut by narrow footpaths and thin cart tracks, unsuitable for the massing of troops or guns. Equally serious is the distance of this landing place from the army's objective. The fort lies at the other end of the island, three miles away, at the crest of a slope. McDouall's men are already blocking all the paths but one to slow the assault."

Flames across the border, 1813-1814,
Pierre BERTON.

In the final year of the War of 1812, the United States launched a campaign against British forces in the Great Lakes region between the present-day Michigan and Ontario. This involved an ill-fated attempt by American troops to retake strategic Mackinac Island.

The Battle of Mackinac Island is designed as both a solitaire and two-player game that can be played in about 30 min. In solitaire mode, the player takes on the role of the American commander and must make successful decisions under tough conditions that can quickly change.

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Vassal Module not yet available.

Rulebook (PDF) - Catalan - English

Optional Orders Cards to use instead of chits! (pdf)