Portada del Santander

~~ Technical Data ~~

playing time

Playing time: 1-2 hours

Number of players

Number of Players:1-2 (best 2)


Complexity: Low

Unit Size

Unit Size: Regiments/Brigades

Map Scale

Map Scale:∼ 6 km/hex.

Turn Time

Turn Time: 2 days

~~ Credits ~~

Designer: Javier Romero

Art&Developer: Marc Figueras, Oscar Oliver, Ivan Prat

Map&Counters: Nils Johansson


Santander '37

SNAFU Small Battles #2

“El enemigo ha iniciado una fuerte ofensiva apoyado por una masa aérea de 60 aparatos consiguiendo romper nuestras líneas.”

Parte de Información n.º 60,
August 14, 1937.

Santander '37 is a two player wargame simulating the Santander Campaign during the Spanish Civil War. In August 1937, after conquering what was left of the Basque Country, the Nationalist forces, supported by the Italian Corpo Truppe Volontarie, launched an offensive to occupy the province of Santander and parts of Biscay under Republican control, with the main city of Santander and the industrial town of Reinosa.

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~~ Game Resources ~~

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