Portada del Treu la Llengua

~~ Technical Data ~~

playing time

Playing time: ∼ 1 hour

Number of players

Number of Players:3-5 (best 5)


Complexity: Low

~~ Credits ~~

Designer: Elisabetta Broglio, Marc Figueras, Oscar Oliver, Marià Pitarque, Ivan Prat

Graphical Designer: Bascu


Saca la Lengua / Treu la Llengua

SNAFU Hors Série #1

Saca la Lengua / Treu la Llengua ("Stick out your tongue") is a game on the oral microbiome created together with the Center for Genome Regulation (CRG, Barcelona) for its citizen science project "Saca la Lengua". The game idea was designed in cocreation sessions with scientists, journalists, teachers, and various citizens. Then it was developed by Snafu Design Team in collaboration with the science communication team in the CRG.

Saca la Lengua / Treu la Llengua is a cooperative game in which players represent members of the general population with certain characteristics of their microbiome (represented in game by 8 genera of bacteria, whose population is represented by the value of 8 dice). The goal is to keep the oral microbiome of the players as close as possible as the ideal equilibrium values (obtained in real life thanks to the research project).

~~ Purchase the game ~~

Download it from the project website : Stick Your Tongue (en)

~~ Game Resources ~~

BoardGameGeek page for Saca la Lengua.